Winners of the Concorso Pianistico
“La Palma D’Oro” 2016

Primo Premio Assoluto
Concorso Pianistico “La Palma d’Oro” 2016
Giovanni Bertolazzi

Davide Di Berardino – Sez I Cat. Enfant Prodige
Anna Caterina Binda – Sez I Cat. A
Jacopo Fulimeni – Sez I Cat. B
Lorenzo Padrin – Sez. I Cat. C
Luca Lione – Sez I Cat. D

Un sentito grazie alla giuria tutta, presieduta dal Maestro Riccardo Risaliti, i cui componenti erano:

Roberto Plano,
Gianluca Luisi,
Salvatore Pettini,
Stefano Paci
Lorenzo Di Bella (direttore artistico)

Dear pianists, with great regret due to the well known situation in Italy and for the global world situation concerning the covid 19, we announce that our V International Piano Competition La Palma d'Oro, scheduled for September 2020, will be cancelled and postponed to 2021.  The new dates will be determined and announced in the following months. In the hope of meeting with you next year, we wish you well-being and health!

Stay tuned